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Car Rental Singapore

Car Rental

Rent a Car in Singapore is easy. Anywhere. Any budget!

Van / Lorry / Bus Rental

Van / Bus / Lorry Rental

COE is high. Rent a van, buy or lorry for maximum profit.

Yacht Rental Singapore

Yacht Rental

To entertain yourself or others on a yacht is special.

Furniture Rental Singapore

Furniture Rental

Rent furniture. No headache of disposal after that.

Venue Rental Singapore

Venue Rental

For big reception or convention, you’ll need a right venue.

Seminar Room / Meeting Room / Training Room Rental

Seminar Room Rental

Room for seminar, meeting, training or other function.

Storage Space Singapore

Storage Space

For privacy or space saving, self-storage is in.

Bag Rental Singapore

Bag Rental

Carry different bag for different occasion. Shiok!

Costume Rental Singapore

Costume Rental

Why buy costume just for one party? Rent it!

Room, Condo, Apartment / House or Office For Rent

Room For Rent Singapore

Room For Rent

You may need just a room to settle down.

Condo For Rent Singapore

Condo For Rent

Enjoy all the condo facilities within your budget.

Apartment / House For Rent Singapore

Apartment / House For Rent

For privacy, you may rent the whole apartment or house.

Office For Rent Singapore

Office For Rent

Office space for effective business operation.

Short Term Rental Singapore

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